A Musical Journey around the globe to inspire the adventurous spirit in us.
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A World Away (16) tracks

A Musical Journey around the globe to inspire the adventurous spirit in us.

Emerald Isle 7 alternate versions


World View, Celtic, World Beat, New Age, Ethnic, Folk, World, Breezy, Building, Dawn, Determined, Drama, Emotion, Ethereal, Fantasy, Floating, Freedom, Introspective, Lush, Majestic, Positive, Powerful, Proud, Resolution, Scenic, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Bagpipe


Games Children Play 7 alternate versions


World View, Vocal, New Age, Acoustic, Eclectic, Delicate, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Earthy, Emotional, Floating, Guitar, Human, Inspirational, Introspective, Light, Peaceful, Pop Rock, Promos, Resolution, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Uplifting, Discovery


No Small Part 6 alternate versions


World View, Indie, Vocal, Pop, Rock, World, Anthemic, Brass, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Discovery, Drama, Drums, Dynamic, Earthy, Emotion, Emotional, Film, Floating, Freedom, Happy, Human, Inspirational, Motivational, Nature, Optimistic, Piano, Pop Rock, Promos, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Cinematic, Discovery


Beyond The Mist 7 alternate versions


World View, Vocal, World Beat, African, Dramatic, World, Adventure, Ancient, Commercials, Dark, Drama, Driving, Earthy, Floating, Global, Magical, Mysterious, Mystery, Mystical, Natural, Organic, Percussion, Pulsing, Rhythmic, Storytelling, Trailers, Underscore, Tribal


Through The Mist 7 alternate versions


World View, World Beat, Trip-hop, Electronic, Kitsch, Eclectic, Ambient, Building, Chic, Chill, Commercials, Confident, Creative, Discovery, Dreams, Dreamy, Drums, Electro, Floating, Fusion, Future, Guitar, Harp, Innovation, Introspective, Laidback, Mystical, Promos, Relaxed, Textural, Underscore, Inquisitive, Discovery


The Offering 7 alternate versions


World View, Vocal, World Beat, Ethnic, World, Orchestral, Adventure, Bold, Cinematic, Discovery, Documentary, Dreams, Driving, Earthy, Ecology, Empowerment, Exciting, Film, Freedom, Human, Inspirational, Majestic, Motivational, Nature, Optimistic, Percussion, Positive, Promos, Proud, Reality, Satisfied, Scenic, Strings, Trailers, Underscore, Uplifting, Cinematic, Discovery, Tribal


One Mans Justice 5 alternate versions


World View, Dramatic, Eclectic, Suspense, Anticipation, Anxious, Building, Busy, Cello, Dark, Determined, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Earthy, Guitar, Human, Introspective, Investigative, Mysterious, Mystery, Organic, Piano, Pulsing, Storytelling, Strings, Tense, Tension, Underscore, Xylophone, Inquisitive, Discovery


Ancient Temple 7 alternate versions


World View, Atmosphere, Vocal, World Beat, Hip Hop, World, Eclectic, Ambient, Atmospheric, Cool, Creative, Exotic, Fantasy, Film, Floating, Laidback, Mystical, Peaceful, Percussion, Relaxed, Slick, Space, Sparse, Strings, Underscore


The Journey Of Love 5 alternate versions


World View, Flamenco, Acoustic, Dramatic, Ethnic, Folk, World, Beauty, Delicate, Drama, Emotion, Emotional, Guitar, Heartbreak, Human, Romantic, Solemn, Somber, Storytelling, Strings, Tender, Underscore, Gypsy


Someplace New 7 alternate versions


World View, Atmosphere, Lounge, Electronic, Groove, Pop, Ambient, Atmospheric, Brass, Breezy, Chic, Commercials, Confident, Cool, Creative, Dreams, Dreamy, Euphoric, Fashion, Floating, Global, High-End, Hypnotic, Lifestyle, Luxury, Mystical, Peaceful, Percussion, Relaxed, Satisfied, Sensual, Sexy, Shimmering, Textural, Underscore, Warm, Xylophone


Green Hills Of Home 5 alternate versions


World View, Celtic, Acid House, Acoustic, Children, Folk, World, Beauty, Breezy, Carefree, Commercials, Dreams, Earthy, Family, Guitar, Happy, Home, Human, Light, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Organic, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Promos, Simple, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Uplifting, Home, Mandolin


Distant Connections 8 alternate versions


World View, Vocal, World Beat, New Age, Eclectic, Aerial, Ambient, Cool, Delicate, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Dreamy, Emotion, Ethereal, Film, Floating, Guitar, Human, Light, Mystical, Peaceful, Percussion, Piano, Pop Rock, Promos, Relaxed, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Warm, Discovery


Honor And Glory 7 alternate versions


World View, Modern, Dramatic, Orchestral Hybrid, Orchestral, Beauty, Building, Commercials, Dawn, Discovery, Documentary, Drama, Dreams, Emotion, Emotional, Floating, Human, Inspirational, Majestic, Optimistic, Peaceful, Percussion, Satisfied, Scenic, Storytelling, Strings, Underscore, Uplifting, Warm, Discovery


Over Hill And Dale 7 alternate versions


World View, Celtic, World Beat, Acoustic, Folk, World, Beauty, Building, Cinematic, Commercials, Confident, Determined, Discovery, Dreams, Earthy, Emotion, Guitar, Heritage, Home, Lush, Majestic, Motivational, Mystical, Optimistic, Organic, Panoramic, Percussion, Promos, Proud, Storytelling, Strings, Trailers, Underscore, Uplifting, Violin, Cinematic, Home, Discovery, Mandolin


A Chance At Redemption 5 alternate versions


World View, Vocal, Dramatic, Ethnic, Folk, Orchestral Hybrid, World, Suspense, Breezy, Dark, Delicate, Drama, Earthy, Emotion, Emotional, Floating, Guitar, Human, Introspective, Mysterious, Mystery, Solemn, Somber, Underscore, Violin


Cool As Can Be 7 alternate versions


World View, Lounge, Soul, Urban, Electronic, Groove, Hip Hop, R&B, Ambient, Breezy, Building, Chic, Claps, Confident, Cool, Driving, Electric Piano, Fashion, Floating, Funky, Glamour, Guitar, Laidback, Lifestyle, Luxury, Promos, Satisfied, Sexy, Sleazy, Soulful, Underscore