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Why Us

Central Location

Soho based studio, with client space for attended sessions and a large VO booth. Watch the engineer at work or leave them to it, the choice is yours. The lovely Felt crew will be on hand to supply refreshments and lunches from the local gaffs.

Flexible Prices

Of course, we have a rate card, but the joys of being in house at a supervision company means we can discuss packages on music usages and mixes. Also we got a loyalty card in place, so collect them stamps!

Easy to Book

Drop the team an email for info on bookings and availability. We offer a range of talented engineers, or the space can be dry hired. Also speak to the team if you need any help getting the right musical talent for Sound Design or Voice Overs. 

Binaural Mixing

Felt are Sennheisers' flagship studio in the UK for all Binaural and AMBEO recording and mixing. Find out more and scrap that stereo mix (not really but this is a great alternative).

Tech Spec

Machine: Mac Computer
DAW software: Pro Tools, Logic Pro X
Audio interface: RedNet, Dante
Mic: Neumann u87
Speakers: Neumann KH 310A / Genelec 1030 A
Headphones: DT150s x 1 / Sennheiser HD650 x 3
Midi Keyboard: M-Audio 88 key
Sennheiser Neuman Head and AMBEO VR mike. 

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