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Founded in 2003, Felt Music is a loved, industry POWERHOUSE, offering a complete range of music services for media. Independent and hardworking, we tailor our services to work for your production.


Founded by Natalie Dickens and Steve Spiro, Felt has grown to become one of the trusted industry front runners in Music Supervision. Soho based, and as eccentric as it's surroundings the Music Supervision team have an encyclopaedic knowledge of music past and present. Their relationships with rights owners and composers, as well as an understanding of how to work with your production and budget will ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

"When we first set out to create a Music Library, the early foundations were laid by credible recording artists, record producers and notable score composers. These initial contributions created the benchmark for the quality, uniqueness and character that defies the common perception of Library Music being a cheap off the shelf resource. From contemporary cutting edge sounds to authentic vintage releases from the 60’s -80’s, Felt PM is a creative musical smorgasbord shaped by innovators and curated by Music Supervisors."



Our award winning Experiential division. Shattering the harness of conventional stereo and defying all boundaries in sound


Felt PM, has 30,000+ MCPS pre cleared tracks from award winning composers and artists. Containing multiple labels across all genres.

A forward thinking new independent record label specialising in contemporary electronic soundtracks to moving images.

Johnny Johnston AKA The King Of Jingles left behind an unparalleled body of work and Felt are the proud caretakers of his entire catalogue. 


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